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Debut EP recorded over 2 months with a portable gear, one SM57 and an Iphone, in Hotels, Planes, Bedrooms, Garages, and even an RV aside from "sweet redemption" recorded in Victoria with Vince Vaccaro


released February 12, 2014

"Rosie" & "over the line" - Harmonies by Sam Buckingham
"In My Dreams" Harmonies by Maia Jelavic
"Sweet Redemption" Co written with Vince Vaccaro



all rights reserved


Benjamin James Caldwell Australia

Americana, delta blues, outlaw country and the psychedelic folk revival of the seventies; Benjamin James Caldwell blends these styles, culminating in heart-breaking vocals, stomping rhythms and a poetry of songwriting to match the best.

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Track Name: Formaldehyde
Formaldehyde she's gonna be my bride
Pick me up when I'm down
Might Spin some pretty lies,
but i'm knee deep in her smile
Formaldehyde she'll put me in the ground

Formaldehyde she'll send me of to war
With a ticker tape parade
On the docks she'll kiss me slow
And everyone will know
Formaldehyde she loved me more than breath.

i miss the way you looked at me
And danced when we were 23
Alight and you were floating through the room
Caressed my hand, to understand that we never really made a plan...
We were bound by love and that's all it could be
Formaldehyde she's going to murder me

Formaldehyde she'll wear her favourite dress
Black as tar and soft as sin
with a veil in her hair,
To cover up her tears
Formaldehyde don't beat your self up over this.

i miss the way you looked at me
And danced when we were 23
Alight and you were floating through the room
Caressed my hand, to understand we never really made a plan
We were bound by love and that's all it could be
Formaldehyde you'll be the death of me

Formaldehyde shes going going to murder me x2

We were bound by love and thats all that we could be
Formaldehyde you took the best of me
Track Name: Oh My God
I prayed to God just the other day
That he might take my pain away
And I closed my eyes in a penitent style
Still I have not heard from him in a while
Oh my God, oh my God

So prayed to Allah, Just last night
seeing if he might explain this life
And I bowed down low to the distant west
Just as the prophet told me best
Oh my God, oh my God

Tell me if you hear my cries
Offered up to the empty skies
Best way to reach me should you call is
Come knocking at my door

So I prayed to Ganesh bout an hour ago
Seeing if he might save my soul
But there ain't no hope for the sinning man
Just trying to get by as best he can
Oh my God, oh my God


Then I asked my self what the he'll went wrong
seems everyone singing the same damned song
we're all Blessed with life, we're all bound to die
and we're all Hoping for a place up in the sky
Oh my God, oh my God
Track Name: Rosie
Well Rosie shes my lover
Painted saint, convicted sinner
walking talking conduit to god
Sometimes she puts her hand in mine
Puts my soul into her pocket
Holds it meaning never to let go

See Without her I'm a pauper
Im a beggin' broken man
Waiting for a gold coin in the dust
If there's a rain cloud hanging over
Then she's my silver lining
The only family I will ever know

Chorus :
There's been hard times,
carried heavy loads
But Rosie she aint no trouble at all

Some people call her crazy
Still she sticks around
whistling slow or singing
something sad
Shes a quandry melancholy
Divided and dismissive
And I wouldnt have her any other way

Made my share of choices
I've been Bent over a barrel,
regrets a word That's wasted on the weak
See If i did it over i would make the same mistakes
Knowing they'd lead me straight into her arms


Comes a time for every man
To love someone with fervour
Give up what's been kept safe for so long
This kind of love can drive a man
to sacrifice or murder
Rosie holds me safely on the line

Track Name: In My Dreams
my lover, you've come and now gone
a little piece of my heart, taggin along
and i hope that you hold it, remember and smile
of the time that i borrowed, your love for awhile

in my dreams i forget how we loved
its sweeter than you'll know
but awake to your memory
cold and alone

now the tape that played our film
is worn right out, from overuse
see a house ain't a home, when your all on your own
just a place to drown out the guilt


to love and be loved was the cry from the start
had both just never in tune
but i'd rather have the love we shared
followed by this gloom

in the end you took it all
pawned the diamond ring, my grandmother wore
seems forever was shorter, than i had thought
hand in hand under the garden arch

Track Name: Over The Line
If we go we go together
I won't leave you behind
Our slow burning love
Overcame any trial
And I can't go livin
Missing you by my side
Spark to my tinder
Moon to my sky

If we go we go together
I won't leave you behind
Your breath on my neck
Fingers intertwined
I made a promise
you stood dressed in white
If death came between us
He was in for a fight

If your going I'm going
Ill follow over the line

If we go we go together
I won't leave you behind
Our grey eyes are fading
we gaze, one last time
How else to say
A final goodbye
Your Heart turns to silence
But a whisper resides
Track Name: Sweet Redemption
See This life ain't as fair as they'd you believe
We are all treading water, kicking to breathe
Everyone's a little broken
It's the pigment to the paint
If you can't love yourself man
Who's left to blame

oh sweet redemption
Just around the bend
Oh oh sweet redemption
There's hope for us yet

Sure as the sun rises and falls
we have our own faults
Have separate flaws
Without tasting the pavement
It's hard to relate
But Self worths a hammer
That will break any chain

We all need a lover, all need a friend
Someone to listen as we come to wits end
Build A lighthouse on sand
And It Won't stand a chance
Be there for you brother
When you need a hand
Track Name: In My Arms
The winter is cold and bare
Colours been stripped everywhere
I'll hold to the promise, you wrote long ago
Someday i'd wrap you up in my arms

Together we'd escape the world
Forgetting its Troubles and Toils
Find a Quiet Place and Nestle away
And awake to a loving embrace

Cause ill hold you safe every night
Keep each other warm with our skin
And you'll call me honey, And ill thank my stars
Your the home ill be keeping my heart in.